Specializing in used car sales, and used car appraisals... serving all of Barrie and surrounding Ontario areas such as Newmarket, Orillia, Collingwood, Angus, and the GTA! All services available via walk in, or online.

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  • Why get an appraisal?

    The MTO does not take in to account kilometres, damage, or scratches when determining the value of the car you purchased for tax purposes. With an appraisal we can account for all total damages that factor in the car being taxed at a lower value then the Blue Books say

  • Why Us?

    At RickJacksonParkAndAppraisals we pride ourself in having the neccassary knowledege and experience with used vehicles to be able to get you the best possible appraisal value so you leave the registration office very happy with the amount of tax you payed on your used vehicle

  • In a rush?

    Dont worry we will contact you within 3 hours of your payment via phone to finalize everything needed to get your Used Car Appraisal going! We wont leave you sitting around for days waiting to get your car registered with our fast and effecient team!